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Kraft P3 – Innovation for Whom?

Kraft recently launched the P3 (a.k.a. portable protein pack) – a meat-cheese-nut pack – supposedly aimed at adults and their snacking occasions.  One look at the pack, and you probably will think of Lunchables for adults.  According to Kraft CEO … Continue reading

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Base of the Pyramid Innovation

When speaking about innovation, we usually think about the latest electronic gadget such as a tablet computer (ex. iPad2), a cellphone or even a car. Because this is culturally-based, the response would be different in other countries.  What very often … Continue reading

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What Can We Learn from P&G’s New Laundry Pods?

Judging for the response to P&G’s new laundry pods, there isn’t much excitement about this latest innovation in laundry care.  Maybe it is due to the fact that a lot of innovation these days has been called “game changing” when … Continue reading

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Toilets and Innovation – Can The Two Mix?

A funny thing happened the other day when I was on my toilet, I started thinking about innovation and toilets.  If you are thinking what I am thinking, innovation and toilets are two words that rarely (if ever) end up … Continue reading

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What if…

True innovation can often come from a basic questioning of the status quo.  It can simply come from asking “What if…?”  The ideas that answer that question may be “blue sky” ideas but they can lead to “game changing” innovation that … Continue reading

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